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Modul Library for Simatic S7

of ifaut engineering Dresden / Germany

Please send your questions about the application andprogramming of the library blocks to  support@plcmoduls.de

Can the software be tested without first having to chose a license and buy it

Unfortunately the simulation using PLCSIM or PLCSIM Advanced no longer works or not yet. So that the simulation on a real CPU is possible without buying a final license, a special keyhas been implemented. Similar to a final license this key must be entered in the license data block DB2 before the first start of the CPU.

                                                                          License-Key 1 - 8888888888   

                                                                          License Key 2 - 88888888  

                                                                          License Key 3 - 88888888


I would like to upgrade my license nut the target tags remain unchanged. What could be the cause?

First, the controller must have a valid base license with the number of tags to be upgraded. The upgrade license must relate to this number of tags. Of course, the serial number must be e.g. the MMC and the version of PLCmoduls match.

The actual process of upgrading is the same in the various programming systems only in that first the three key's must be entered in the license data block DB2. For Step7 classic, the data view of DB2 must now be selected and initialized. The data block must then be transferred to the controller. With the TIA: Portal it may be difficult in older versions to overwrite the actual data in the controller with the new key's. Then add another variable to the DB2 on the computer and translate the DB2. So TIA should realize that there is a change. For all TIA versions, the data block must now be transferred with "Reinitialize".

The CPU can be put in the STOP state for safety reasons for the upgrade. After the DB2 has been transferred correctly, the new license should stop after the restart

Is it possible to use these blocks under SCL?

First of all, the real difference between SCL and FBD must be highlighted. While the structured text SCL, as the name implies, is a line-oriented programming language, FBD is a type of graphical programming. The author knows from the practice that SCL is very popular, which is probably due to the university education of many programmers. The author is well aware of the benefits of this programming, but he also knows that especially in the service of such machines and systems mostly electricians works which thinks in electrical schematics. Often a malfunction must be remedied under time constraints and there it is more informative if e.g. the building block "green" is like having to fight through many program lines. And usually the error is not in the CPU but is a limit switch, cable and other hardware.

Of course, our components can also be used in conjunction with SCL. It is absolutely unproblematic to design individual components according to requirement or preference and then to "marry" them globally. This allows the use of all the advantages of each programming language. Of course, a block can also be integrated directly into SCL by means of FUNCTION_BLOCK, but this only makes things confusing.

Can Graph7 be directly replaced by your sequencer?

It was never intended to replace Graph7 directly. However, with most of our applications, most applications can be created faster. Also, no additional tool like Graph7 has to be purchased and trained. However, Graph7 is not replaceable in the context of specific industry standards such as e.g. Transline.