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Modul Library for Simatic S7

of ifaut engineering Dresden / Germany


How is the licensing done?

1. First determine the functional scope of the target control (version Lite, DDC or Full).
    Watch out; this selection can not be upgraded afterwards!

2. Set the required plant size (40 tags, 125 tags or no limit tags).
    This selection can be upgraded at any time.

3. Purchase a corresponding ticket in our WebShop. You do not need a serial number yet!
    Please enter your address next to your email address (the ticket will be sent to you) so that we have one
    proper VAT invoice. This bill is attached
    sent to your specified email address.

4. For the actual licensing of the RunTime, the serial number of the MMC memory card (S7-300 and TIA)
    or the serial number of the CPU (S7-400) required. Please enter the required form in the following form
    Infoemationen. Attention: the serial number can not be corrected later, so check in advance!

Where can I find the serial number?

The serial number of an MMC memory card or a CPU should actually come from the delivery documents.
However, so that you do not shoot a ticket with a wrong serial number during licensing, we recommend that
Direct reading of the serial number by means of our program SN_CHECK which you download from our website
can. An application description can also be found here.

When you have completed the form and sent it, the activation code will be determined. You will receive afterwards
to the specified email address a license with all required data. Enter the unlock keys
Please enter the license data block as described before the first program start.

For simulation, you can use the following test license for full license expansion:


                                                                                          License-Key 1 - 8888888888

                                                                                          License-Key 2 - 88888888

                                                                                          License-Key 3 - 88888888