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Modul Library for Simatic S7

of ifaut engineering Dresden / Germany


Pogram for test serial number of MMC

The following test programs serve to determine the effective serial number and may not be used in the final program. The selection of the test project is primarily based on the programming system used. For the TIA projects, each project includes both a version for CPU 300/400 and a version for CPU1500

It is primarily searched for the serial number of an MMC memory card. This test does not necessarily have to be performed on the target CPU. The situation is different with a CPU400. Since the serial number of the CPU is read out, the test must be done with the CPU of the final system which does not have to contain a final program.

A virtual serial number can not be created herewith

Step 7 V 5.5 test serial number for CPU 300 / 400

Step 7 TIA-Portal V13.1 test serial number

Step 7 TIA-Portal V14 test serial number                                              

Step 7 TIA-Portal V15.1 test serial number                                       


Step 7 TIA-Portal V15.1 test serial number                                          


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